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Your Power on Your Terms

Secure energy savings. Improve your ESG score. Protect your bottom line.
It starts with solar. It’s easy with Kuubix.

Save Money, Make Money

Control your costs long-term by hosting generation assets on your site for your use instead of pulling from the grid when prices are high.

Build A Sustainable Brand Image

More than 2/3 of consumers prefer to do business with sustainable brands – and they’re willing to pay a premium for it.

Shield Yourself From Rising Rates

Utility rates are rising. Unclean fuel prices fluctuate. Insulate yourself from inflation by investing in energy independence.

Gain Resiliency And Reliability

Outages are expensive. Cut out costly downtime completely with solar plus storage solutions like battery backup.

Solutions we Provide:

  • Solar

  • Battery Storage

  • Solar + Storage

  • Integration of renewable assets with your energy contracts

Go Solar With No Upfront Investment

The way we pay for solar is changing. With flexible financing options like power purchase agreements (PPAs), you only pay for the power produced. No upfront cost. No maintenance. Just clean, lean savings.

Finally, there’s a solar solution for everyone.

Find the best fit for your business

Service we Provide:

  • Community solar projects

  • Utility Scale projects

  • Behind the Meter (BTM)
    for commercial and industrial projects

Your Impact


lbs of CO2 eliminated


cars off the road


trees planted

Commercial Development

We engineer, procure, and provide quality control throughout the construction process, so the systems we build are first in class, ready for the long haul.

PPA structured financing

This means no upfront cost to you. With our ownership of the renewable asset, Kuubix will cover everything from the design and construction to the long-term maintenance and operation. You simply enjoy the output at a reduced rate and price protection against rising energy prices.

We Partner With The Best

We partner with landowners, EPCs, developers, brokers, dealers, and end-use customers that need our expertise with their projects.
This expertise can be in construction/development financing, PPA financing, engineering, project management, procurement, O&M or asset management.

We Support

We support regulated and deregulated markets and the customers behind them. We help all parties understand the impact of solar and storage added to their grids and sites.

Regulated and Deregulated Markets

We help end-use customers connect their retail world with the wholesale renewable world by creating direct retail access to wholesale market renewable assets. Our team has decades of combined retail and wholesale experience which provide us with specific insight into how you and your company can participate in these two worlds to minimize your energy spend and your reliance on carbon-emitting generation.

Improve Your ESG Score

Your Environmental Social Governance (ESG) score is a prime opportunity to appeal to your customers and stakeholders.
Switching to solar elevates your ESG score by cutting your carbon emissions and strengthening your ESG strategy.
A strong ESG score can improve your profits and public image and may even be vital in securing financing in an eco-conscious future.

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Our Recent Projects

Same Kuubix Quality, 

From Small To Large Scale

Our focus on craftsmanship and care led us to cultivate a solar experience that’s as simple and painless as possible. 

Every Kuubix installation is backed by our industry-leading warranties and rigorous 5-point quality check. 

Plus, our proactive approach to customer care means you’ll get updates on your project without even asking. Ahh, peace of mind.

So, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, you know you can count on Kuubix for easy installation and lasting support.


By investing in quality, we’re installing excellence.


Commercial Solar Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated.

Speak with experts. Get answers. Start your free solar consultation with a Kuubix pro now.

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